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We provide you the right set of digital tools and support to improve your Lab operations and Management

About Laabsoft

Laabsoft is committed to making R&D easier, faster, and safer with lab digitization.​

We improve Labs by providing customized digital tools and provide expert service 24/7

  • We acknowledge that each lab is different and requires its own set of digital platforms. That's why we're here to offer to develop prototypes and later to products based on discussions that support your research, thus providing solutions that are perfect in any lab.

Your engagement with Laabsoft doesn't end with the products; we're all working together for a better future and a better world.

  • Our AIM is to make technology easy and friendly for scientists. 
  • Our MISSION is to collaborate with the worldwide scientific community to address the industry's most difficult problems, with the goal of accelerating access to improved health for everyone.

Advantages of Laabsoft


  • Laabsoft provides a variety of hosting options to meet your requirement.
  • The LaabSoft Cloud Solution is the most excellent option for individual academic labs and small businesses that do not want to invest in their server. 
  • LaabSoft On-Premises Solution helps companies and universities if they have regulations.
  • LaabSoft Private Cloud Solution is best for organizations that like to manage and host software solutions.

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