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Finance Assistance offers you funds for your business at the right time that could help you to move and grow your business as you wish. From $25,000 to $5 million whatever your need.Payback is flexible- Daily, Weekly, Monthly.

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Why do you need Financial Assistance for your business

Finance is an integral part of every business venture. However, sometimes a business may face financial constraints and a shortage of funds. In such a context, getting fund could help boost up your business. The influx of cash could be used for multiple purposes, it could range from working capital, expansion, purchasing new assets, purchasing inventories, hiring more staff, or refinancing.


We facilitate Paycheck Protection Plan and Employee Retention Credit

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How does merchant cash advance work

As you apply for a merchant cash advance, we scrutinize your last 4 months banking statements to ascertain an approval amount. Then furnish you the capital you could use for your business expense.You can even get additional capital before your advance is paid off with certain criteria.

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