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A Sreedhareeyam Ayurveda CSR initiative

Owing to the increased screen time due to digital learning, the children are prone to numerous eye irritations nowadays. As part of the CSR initiative VidyaDarshan, Sreedhareeyam Ayurveda group, the leading manufacturer of herbal eye drops in India, has decided to give away free Sunetra Junior eye drops for 20000 needy children across India. All you have to do is, register below with the full address, our team will contact you and confirm the address, then we send out your free Sunetra Junior pack to your address. You need to pay only the courier charges, the product is offered for free.

How to participate

(rules and regulations)
  • Participants register by filling the complete form
  • Our team will review and contact you
  • Your free Sunetra pack will deliver within 3-10 days (subject to delay due to Covid-19 regulations)
  • You need to pay courier charges at the time of the delivery

About Sreedhareeyam

About Sreedhareeyam

Sreedhareeyam Ayurveda, the largest network of Ayurvedic ophthalmology centres in the world, has a rich tradition of over 400 years in shalakya tantra, which is the branch in Ayurveda which deals with the ailments that affects the regions above the neck. Sredhareeyam combines the rarest of ayurvedic treatments with the most advanced diagnostic equipments in modern science, thus yielding incomparable results in the field of ophthalmology. Having originated from Kerala, the cradle of Ayurveda, it spans over 26 branches across India, some of which are in collaboration with respective state governments.

About Sunetra

About Sunetra

Sreedhareeyam Sunetra Junior Specially curated for children, with handpicked herbal ingredients such as padmakam, daruharidra, kathakabeeja and pure honey. This simulates the pH value of tear drops, giving their eyes desired lubrication and nourishing rejuvenation.

Sunetra Junior has mild, protective ingredients that would keep children’s eyes free from harm or degeneration caused by excessive viewing of television, computer etc. Carrying the same function & goodness of tears, Sunetra Junior Eye drops is prepared with natural ingredients which make it the perfect solution for your child’s delicate eyes. Daily use of it not only clears away the dryness but also makes your little one’s vision stronger & sharper for the future

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