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ZZAS building materials take on a customer-centric approach to all projects. Every installation begins and ends with the customer starting with an initial onsite evaluation. We take into account the technical conditions, end-user expectations, future expansion capabilities, and budgetary considerations.

ZZAS building materials

We also understand that every client is unique and has individual, specific technical requirements that pertain to their voice and data networks as well as to their audiovisual and other advanced systems.

ZZAS building materials take the time to listen in order to understand the client’s objectives and assist them in attaining their goals. Prior to the start of work, project scheduling is coordinated to accommodate the client’s productivity requirements and minimize downtime. Upon every project's completion, a final walk-through is conducted to ensure that all project specifications and industry standards were met.

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We offer a variety of quality products.


The ZZAS Easy Crimp and Easy Crimp Compact series for copper cabling system are designed, produced and exclusive property of ZZAS Connectivity & Cabling System.

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The components of ZZAS Fiber Optic System allow to obtain broadband transmission channels by taking up minimal space and granting immunity to electrical interference.

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zzas building materials employ the best and the brightest minds in the industry. As cliché as it sounds, we’re providing solutions, not just products. Our Cruxial line of server racks and wall mounts are designed to impress.

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